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SSC CGL 12th Sept Answer Key (1st/2nd/3rd Shift) 2017,Morning_Afternoon_Evening Ques Paper Analysis/Review

SSC CGL 12th Sept Answer Key (1st/2nd/3rd Shift) 2017,Morning_Afternoon_Evening Ques Paper Analysis/Review:

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The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has proclaimed to display the Answers keys for the 10th September CGL Tier-1 (2017) Online Examination. CGLE (Tier-1) 2017 Examination in continuation to shortlist the candidates for CGL services through Recruitment Tiers organized by the Staff Selection Commission 12th August 2017. Subsequently concluding the Tier-1 Exam commission is set to demonstrate the CGL 2017 Tier-1 Exam Answers key Shift/ Batch wise at the notification segment of Commission.

SSC CGL 12th August 2017 Answers Key


As per the notice unveiled by the Commission Combined Graduate Level Tier-1 Examination Answers keys along with the Solved Questions paper sheets Online shall be intimated by 20 days of the end of last batch’s Exam. Large no of Applicants who were appeared in the CGL Tier-1 Online Exam are assisted to keep visiting our portal website in subject to the Notifications about SSC CGL Tier wise Answers keys.

SSC CGL Tier-1 Online Results: 2017 _> CHECK HERE

SSC CGL 12th AUGUST Answer Key: 2017_> CHECK HERE

CGL 12thAugust CGL Answers key f Morning, Afternoon & Evening Batches shall be displayed within 15 days (Expectedly) of the end date of last examination at here www.examresults2016.in/ and ssc.nic.in. Here we are going to provide the Provisional Answers keys of the 12-08-2017 OMR based Online Test consisting questions asked on the General Studies/ Quantitative Aptitude/ General Intelligence & Reasoning etc.

SSC CGL Tier 1 10th September Answer Key 2017

  • [Download]SSC CGL (Tier – 1) Answer Key – 2017 (held on 12-08-2017) “Morning Batch”
  • [Download]SSC CGL (Tier – 1) Answer Key – 2017 (held on 12-08-2017) “Afternoon Batch”
  • [Download]SSC CGL (Tier – 1) Answer Key – 2017 (held on 12-08-2017) “Evening Batch”

As suggested by the numerous Coaching Institutes consisting Paramount Classes, Career Launcher Institutes etc the provisional Answers keys have been released CGL 2017 Tier-1 (12th August) Online Exam. Candidates by selecting the prescribed CGL Answers keys Link may go through the estimation of Marks by downloading their solution keys Online.

  • [PDF]SSC CGL (Tier-1) Paramount Classes Answers key (12-08-2017)
  • Sreedhar’s CCE Online Exam 27 August Answers key/ Solutions
  • Career Launcher CGL (Tier-1) 27 Aug (1stShift) Keys/ Solutions[pdf] 

Latest: As suggested the candidates have to follow the specified links to download the Answers keys/ Questions’ solutions Morning-Afternoon-Evening shift wise. CGL Ter-1 (2017) Answers keys are scheduled to be anticipated through the commissions link.

SSC CGL 12-08-2017 Tier-1 Exam Question Paper Analysis

As the Online test for CGLE 2017 Tier-1 of 12th August will occur we shall update the Online Test module/ complexity & the resemblances to the Previous CGL Exam. Questions along with the solutions shall be intimated through our website portal. Concerned candidates by following the anticipated links shall be able to match-relate their Answers.

Website of the SSC Commission: www.ssc.nic.in


  1. Akanksha Pandey

    Please give me answers key of ssc cgl 2016 10sep morning batch

  2. dolly bansal

    Please send me 10sep evening shift answer key

  3. Akash

    Sir,5 questions from DI are wrong in 3rd shift on 10 September exam .so I couldn’t attempts these questions what’s the negative effects in my marks..

  4. Sweta

    Try to attempt atleast 60 questions with 100% accuracy ,exam will get clared,no compulsion to attempt 80+ to clear cutoff but it will help in getting good rank.

  5. Rahul

    10the Sept evening sift ka pepper kha milega …..plz help

  6. shivani

    Please upload answer key of afternoon shift…..at 11sep

  7. shivani

    Please upload answer key of 11 sep afternoon shift

  8. senthilmurugan

    Please send 10tSeptember evening shift answer key

  9. vasu

    10 sep 3rd shift answers??

  10. yuvraj

    anyone from 11 sept shift 2??

  11. Vicky

    राजयपाल का विवेकाधिकार हे vivekadhikar that ya visesadhikar

  12. Abhishek

    I attempted 70 of which 23 were reasoning, 15 maths, 12 gk & 20 eng…
    Will I reach it to cut off?

  13. sunny

    10,sep 3rd shift question show me any person

  14. Jyoti Singh

    Sir i ve attempted 55 questions. I cum under reservation. Is there ny chance that i will clear pre.

  15. ayush

    I remember

  16. arjun

    Could you please send me 10 sep first shift answer key on my gmail (arjunmathur476@gmail.com) please please send me

  17. nchumthung

    10 sept.2016 evening shift. please send me answerkey.


    Dear sir send me 11/00/2016 third shift paper key of ssc cgl.

  19. सुमित सिंह चौधरी

    25.रूम टेम्परेचर पर liquid के रूप में रहने वाली धातु- पारा

  20. Pooja Saini

    Plz provide me 10 sept evng shift questions..

  21. Pooja Saini

    Do anyone remember 10th sept 3 shift gs questions?? If yes plz remind me.

  22. vivek prakash

    11 sept, morning shift answerquestions are available?

  23. yuvraj

    any one from 11 sept 2 shift?

  24. subhash

    third shift 10th sep 16

  25. manglam

    can u plzz post answer wrt questions asked in second shift on September 9


    please upload 10th september 3rd shit questions

  27. sanjeev

    attempts are not enough…take it to 85+ next time….give 10+ hours preparation daily..

  28. bikash

    please somebody upload 10th september 3rd shift questions

  29. Fsl

    10 september evening shift questions?

  30. gaurav

    AB contains both antigens bt no antibody.

  31. Raushan Jha

    25)Which element is in liquid state at room temperature?- Mercury

  32. arjun

    Thnks bro, really grt wrk, u knw wht, my exam is today

  33. Prabakaran

    AB doesn’t consist of antibody.

  34. सुमित सिंह चौधरी

    Question asked by ssc shift 1st 10th sep.
    1.सबसे बड़ी सीमा- बांग्लादेश
    2.सबसे बड़ी तटीय सीमा – गुजरात
    3.RBI योजना- सचेत
    4.रेमैन मैग्ससे योजना- कृष्णा और विल्सन
    5.टिहरी बांध – भागीरथ
    6.पारसेक- खगोलीय दुरी
    7.एक माध्यम से दूसरे माध्यम में लाइट का पथ बदलना- अपवर्तन
    8.जोग फॉल- सरस्वती
    9.ब्रिक्स में नहीं है- इंडोनेशिया
    10.करो या मरो- भारत छोड़ो आंदोलन
    11.विटामिन- नॉट कंफेरमेड
    12.थाइमस ग्रंथि- थाईमोसिन
    13.कार्बनिक एसिड- फिनोल
    14.जैन टेक्स्ट- शुत्र
    15.पहला विधि अधिकारी- महान्यायवादी
    16.मुद्रा बिल – लोक सभा अध्यक्ष
    17.उष्ण कतिबंधीय सदाबहार वन- मध्य प्रदेश
    18.परमाणु बम- अनियंत्रित सरंखला क्रिया
    19.यूरिन में नहीं होता- क्रेटिनिन
    20.मुद्रा स्थिर नहीं की जा सकती- पूर्ण प्रतिस्पर्धा
    21.AB रक्त समूह के बारे में सही हे- एंटीबाडी नहीं होती
    22.निम्न में से ओपेरेटिंग सिस्टम नहीं है- ओपेरा
    23. राजयपाल का विवेकाधिकार हे- बिल को स्वीकृत करना
    24. निम्न में से वित्त संभंधि नहीं है- ओपन मारकेट निवेश

  35. bgyuij

    3 baTCH question??/

  36. Rajeev

    AB blood group consists of both antigens and hence no antibodies are formed.. I think this is right

  37. puspita

    hi. i have attempted only 64 with 20qs from gs but there is 1 mistake.

  38. Abdul farooq

    The below are the SSC CGL gk questions with answers which were asked on 10th of September 1st shift:[ I remember only 21 of them:) ]

    1) The biggest boundary that India shares with is :- Bangladesh
    2) The name of RBI app for illegal money is what? :- sachet
    3) Ramon Magsaysay award in 2016 were given to? :- TM Krishna and Bezwada Wilson
    4) Tehri dam is built across which rivers ? :- Bhagirathi and Bhilangna
    5) Parsec is unit of :- length to measure large distances of objects
    6) The phenomenon of change of light travelling from one medium to another medium is called :- Refraction
    7) Jog falls is present on which river? – Sharavathi River( In options,it was wrongly given as saraswati)
    8) Which of the following is not part of BRICS? :- Indonesia
    9) Do or die slogan is related to :- Quit India movement
    10) Vitamins whose excess is not good for health? :- Vitamin B complex
    11) Thymus gland secretes? :- Thymosin
    12) Carbolic acid is also called as? :- Phenol
    13) The state which has largest coastal line in india? :- Gujarat
    14) Jain texts are called as? :- Sutras
    15) The first law officer in india is referred as whom? :- The attorney general
    16) Who decides that whether bill is money bill or not? :- Speaker of loksabha
    17) Evergreen forests are mainly present in? :- Western ghats
    18) Atomic bomb is due to? :- Uncontrolled chain reaction
    19) Which of the following is not present in urine? :- Creatinine
    20) The competetion where price of money cannot be handled better? :- (sry i don know answer for this)
    21) The AB blood group does not consists of? :- Both antigens and antibodies
    Pls in reply to this comment the number of total questions you attempted combinedly in all sections…thank you frens..

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